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Optimize your child’s education

Our innovative Reading as a Service

Collects data, analyses performance, identifies problems then helps you to solve them

It starts with a simple test, defining each students ability level.

Start practicing their skills using content from that difficulty level.

Take the test.

Students interact with and create educational content.

Creating even more data for our AI to analyse.

Review content.


Our AI analyses the data collected defining what the student does & doesn’t know.

Building the students personal ability profile.

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Our AI allocates tasks to solve each students current problems

Continuously adapting as more data is collected & the student learns

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Tutors deliver courses containing sight words, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. Books, videos, and offline activities created specifically for early readers. Assessments deliver insights to address problems areas and drive progress. All devices supported, phone, tablet and computers. Dual Language,  both English and Chinese.

Our Reading as a Service provides everything a parent needs when teaching a child to read.    Our technology works to make your life easier, telling you where the holes are and how to plug them.    As the student uses our content, maybe taking a test, recording themselves reading a book or even exploring individual words within a book; our system is collecting data.   We know what words they get wrong, we know the problems they have and we know how to solve those problems.    When you subscribe to our service, we tell you and work with you to teach them to read.

Sample some of the content in our huge library

Ranging in difficulty from alphabet books to phonics, early readers, small chapter books and IELTS training.

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English, Australian and American – Adults, children and teachers.

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