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We predict reading problems

With our innovative Reading as a Service (RaaS)

Using the artificial intelligence to monitor millions of kids reading, measure progress, connect experts and optimize solutions

We observe a child’s progress and quality of reading over time.

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We visualize the students improvements for parents and teachers.

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Our AI constantly reviews the data looking for reading problems.

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Our AI matches each child & each problem to the best apps, courses or even tutoring experts available.

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Our Reading as a Service provides everything a parent needs when teaching a child to read.    Our technology works to make your life easier, telling you where the holes are and how to plug them.    As the student uses our content, maybe taking a test, recording themselves reading a book or even exploring individual words within a book; our system is collecting data.   We know what words they get wrong, we know the problems they have and we know how to solve those problems.    When you subscribe to our service, we tell you and work with you to teach them to read.

Educational Content

We have partnered with the best educational content providers, our books are all leveled readers from Pearson.     Our AI will optimize the content for your child to work with.

Artificial Intelligence

We use the latest AI technologies to streamline and optimize the educational journey for each individual student.     Our AI has analysed all online books and modeled the structure between words, sentences and difficulty levels.   Our apps interact with the student, collect data, listen to how well they read out loud, analyse and optimize future learning activities.


We provide a range of free online apps and services for your child to use when learning to read and speak English better.     Use your computer or mobile device to ensure your child learns anywhere anytime.


We use practical projects to engage kids interested in a specific subject to help them to learn better.     We do all the heavy lifting so all the parent or teacher need do is watch them learn, we combine online tutoring with tangible projects delivered to your home.

Reading Buddies

Practice, practice, practice is a critical activity for any child learning to read English.     Our reading buddies are a effective activity delivering results fast without breaking the budget, we connect young adults to students.


We provide professional English teachers who will teach your child during an online tutoring session, these can be 1-1 or group sessions.

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Ranging in difficulty from alphabet books to phonics, early readers, small chapter books and IELTS training.

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English, Australian and American – Adults, children and teachers.

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