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Tutors deliver courses containing sight words, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.
Books, videos, and offline activities created specifically for early readers.
Assessments deliver insights to address problems areas and drive progress.
All devices supported, phone, tablet and computers.
Dual Language,  both English and Chinese.

Our best selling products.


The starting point for learning English. Daily activities including videos and books.

6 units over 6 weeks.


Level 1

A Level 1 course of early reading essentials created using our standard course structure.

6 units over 6 weeks.


Level 1 with a Tutor

A Level 1 course that includes a weekly one to one video call with an Australian tutor.

6 units over 6 weeks.


IELTS for Senior School Students

Conversational English focusing on listening, reading and speaking in real world situations.

12 Units over 8 weeks.


Pre-Reader Tutor Package

Alphabet, colours, words, sight words, numbers, animals, shapes and family.

12 units over 12 weeks – with a weekly 25 minute one to one tutor call and final assessment.


Level 1 to 5 Tutor Package

A tutor will take you through from Level 1 to Level 5.

Once a week for 26 weeks you will have a 25-minute call with an Australian tutor. They will continuously assess the student and guide you through problem areas and accelerate learning.


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Ranging in difficulty from alphabet books to phonics, early readers, small chapter books and IELTS training.

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