Working parents struggle to find enough time to read to their kids

Working parents struggle to find enough time to read to their kids

With so much going on in businesses everywhere, working parents are finding it more difficult to get involved with their kids’ education. A recent study also showed that less than half of all busy mums and dads find time to read a book to their kids every day.

Chatty Kids aims to engage kids in daily reading activities by using a library of thousands of books and read along videos, helping busy parents with solutions to such problems. With the help of our resources, we read interesting educational and fictional books to your child every day, and motivate them to make reading a habit.

Reading to children stimulates parts of their brain associated with visual processing. It has been found to increase activity in the areas of a child’s brain associated with processing images, suggesting that even when kids aren’t reading themselves, they are picturing the places they’re hearing about.

Here are some tips for working parents to get more involved with their children’s education:

  • Make sure that your child notices you reading on a regular basis. Even when you are busy doing your office work at home, it’s encouraging to show kids your interest with reading. At Chatty Kids, our library offers access to books from all topics of interest. Your kids can pick the book they enjoy the most, and develop their passion gradually.
  • Keep various books throughout the house to increase your child’s access to reading. We have thousands of interesting books to increase your child’s access to unlimited reading. We help children understand that reading doesn’t only happen at school, it can happen anywhere.
  • Ask them to read aloud to you. They can even do this on the phone when you are at work. Or better yet, try our read-along videos at Chatty Kids. Our amazing English speakers have recorded books in their own voices to create read-along videos especially to improve fluency of your kids.
  • When your child finishes a story or a reading assignment, discuss the main ideas or new words with them. This will help strengthen your child’s reading comprehension. The books in our library use this concept to improve your child’s understanding by employing interactive resources such as word-finder games.

Literacy is a never-ending and transformative process. However, it must begin at a young age to shape readers’ habits.

Chatty Kids will help your children read more fluently and regularly. Log into today to improve your child’s reading, and turn them into passionate and confident readers for life.

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