Word Recognition

Word Recognition
Word recognition, according to Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) is “the ability of a reader to recognize written words correctly and virtually effortlessly”. It is sometimes referred to as “isolated word recognition” because it involves a reader’s ability to recognize words individually without needing similar words for contextual help. LINCS continues to say that “rapid and effortless word recognition is the main component of fluent reading” and explains that these skills can be improved by “practicing with flashcards, lists, and word grids”. We have created tools to help the kids practice this lifelong reading skill, in this post we will look at the Find the Word challenge.

To use this challenge simply:

  1. Open the QUEST section of our app
  2. Choose the appropriate level of difficulty
  3. Choose a book
  4. Select the Word Detective quest for the selected book
  5. You can now review the words you have been challenged to find, when your ready to start click the book cover
  6. A timer begins, you now have to find the words in this book as fast as possible
  7. Simply click or press on the word once you have found it in the text of the page, you will need to explore the whole book to find all the words
  8. Once you have successfully found all the words, you’ve completed the quest – well done!

Open our app

The home screen for our app, you want to select the QUESTS section when looking for the Word Detective Challenge

Quest difficulty

Choose the level of difficulty for your challenge, you should know what level you should be practicing at.   If not take our test or ask your teacher.    If you find a level is too difficult or even too easy, then simply choose a different level and try it.

Select a book

Choose any of the listed books, we have 1,000’s available in our library

Word Detective quest

There are many challenges available for each book, choose the Word Detective to get started

Review the words

Get yourself prepared for this challenge, you can see several words that have been randomly selected from this book.    You have to find these words by exploring each page and scanning the text to find the word your looking for.

Click on the word

Once you’ve spotted one of the words press it (or click on it with your mouse) and start looking for the next word

Move fast

This is a timed challenge so you want to find all the words as fast as you can

Complete the quest

Once you’ve found all the words in this challenge the clock stops, well done.
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