What is Chatty Kids

What is
Chatty Kids!

How we help children,
just like yours, worldwide.

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Native English speaking teachers deliver courses that focus on specific learning areas such as sight words, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency.
Fun books, videos, online and offline activities created specifically to be loved by early readers and help them progress quickly.
Monthly assessments deliver actionable insights to address problems areas and drive progress.
For your convenience, Chatty Kids works on phone, tablet and computers.
We only use the highest quality educational content from our partners such as Pearson Education and Oxford University Press.
Dual Language the whole platform is available in both English and Chinese.

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 We guide parents

This means we send you daily information to help your child learn. Messages, tasks, reminders and simple educational explanations are sent to parents through WeChat and match the content delivered to the child through the Chatty Kids website.

Educational specialists

Our courses are developed by trained educational specialists and are created specifically to help accelerated learning. We aim to activate multiple parts of a child’s brain and use cutting edge techniques such as Neuroplasticity.

Professional feedback

Constant assessment by trained professionals will help guide parents and children through learning problems. We capture your child’s progress by recording them reading books on our platform. Our teachers will assess your child using those recordings then deliver actionable insights to address problems areas.

Helping progression

We understand that a child needs to feel like they’re progressing as much as a parent likes to see it, for this reason we work to build a child’s confidence with simple words and repetition early in the course. You can record your child reading within the platform, this allows you to easily review problem areas and progression.

Online and offline tasks

All early reader courses contain spoken and offline tasks. Blending offline and online learning activities such as drawing and writing is an important part of learning to understand what is being read. Here is some more information about the 5 building blocks of great reading.

Read-along video Books

We have created a huge library of Read-Along videos to help you ensure your child is read to every day. These videos recorded by teachers, adults and children their own age will show them what confident, fluent reading is. This means children learn while being entertained by fun books.

One on one tutoring.

All children benefit from one on one time with an educational expert. We provide professional tutors to help you child reach their potential in a structured way. This is service tailored to your child’s needs, that fits in at a time that is convenient for you. Contact us now to book a session.

Visibility of your child’s progress.

Every Chatty Kids account can have 4 users, 3 Children and a 1 Parent. From the parent account you can monitor the activity of all children. You can see where in the course they are, what they should do next, what level they’re on, how many books they’ve read, how many videos they’ve watched and how many awards they’ve won.

Thousands of children worldwide have benefited from out simple, research-driven techniques on an easy to use platform.

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