What is a leveled reader?

What is a leveled reader?

If you’ve got a kinder-gardener or first grader, you will hear about “leveled readers”: classroom books used by children as they learn to read.    Unfortunately, if you’re a parent, these “levels” can be confusing.

  • Level 1 is easiest
  • Level 30 is hardest

Leveled readers focus on words and sentences of increasing complexity from the easiest level 1 through to the hardest level 30; to add more complexity school and educational publishers use different leveling system (i.e. Lexile, colours, letters, etc).

See the sample pages below, there is an example from levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 for you to review (click on the image).   You’ll quickly see the text, words and sentences get more complex as the level of difficulty climbs.

Level 1

Leveled reading is a literacy strategy in which teachers pair children with books that best match their reading abilities. As children’s reading skills improve, teachers assign them more complex books.

Your child’s teacher can tell you what level your child is reading at or you can assess a child to measure their level using Chatty Kids (or even the simple 5 finger test).     Encourage your child to choose books that are matched to that level – books that are challenging enough for the student to make progress, but not so difficult they cause frustration.


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