Trial Chatty Kids in your school today

Trial Chatty Kids in your school today

Chatty Kids is a tool to make a teachers life easier when teaching a class of children to read (and speak) English, you can try it today with your class of students for free.    Simply register your new teacher account here and we provide everything you need:

  • To send home as part of the students homework activities
  • Play engaging educational videos on your interactive whiteboard
  • Group and solo student activities for in the classroom

After successfully registering your new teacher account, you see the Teacher homepage (see below).   Find out how to use the product below, or watch the video below.   Any questions please contact us on


Your new teacher account needs to configure the following to get your students learning to read (and speak) using Chatty Kids:

  1. Create a  class
  2. Create your student accounts
  3. Assign a course to your students


Once your students are working through their assigned work, you monitor their progress using our reports.






Watch the video below ‘How to register and use the free trial teacher account on Chatty Kids’



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