Teaching kids about Halloween

Teaching kids about Halloween

The team at Chatty Kids have produced content to teach kids about Halloween, as they explore the topic they learn to read & speak English.      Useful to any teachers using Chatty Kids with their class of students, in the article below we will detail what is available and how to use it.


The content overview

An online course: a series of units containing all the educational tasks and activities for students to work through

  1. Read Along Book: one of our English teachers read the book to your students
  2. Word games: help the students learn specific words used in this topic
  3. A book to read: the students read this themselves to explore the topic
  4. A comprehension test: a simple test to ensure the students understood what they read in the book
  5. Read out loud: the student reads the book out loud to Chatty Kids and one of our teachers listens to their performance
  6. Workbook: a series of print activities for the student to work through by hand, download the workbook and print the activity sheets for students to use


Online course

What is it?    Our online courses are a collection of tasks and activities for students to work through, they can be online or offline activities.

How do I use it?     Join the course and start working through each task, when you complete a task it changes to show its been completed.   Sometimes, when all tasks in a unit are completed, they unlock a reward or certificate.

How do I join the course?    Simply click the ASSIGN COURSE button below or scan the QRCode


Read along book

What is it?    Its a video featuring one of our teachers reading the book Halloween, introducing students to the many fun activities children enjoy around the world at Halloween.    As each word is read out loud, you see that same word highlighted RED.   The highlighted word changes as each word is read out, check out the example video below.

How do I use it?    Students watch the interactive book and track individual words with their eyes as the teacher reads them out loud.   This helps students to pair the visual text & audible sound for each word together, when they hear what each word sounds like and the corresponding word turns red.


Word games

What is it?   A simple word game that encourages students to play and learn new words as they make progress with their English studies.   The words featured in the books of each unit are used in the word games to reinforce the learning for each student.    Teachers are able to create their own word games, for any words they choose, in the School Admin Module.

How to use it?   The students can access the word games from their online course where they have to look for specific words.   This requires them to know what letters make up a particular word, they have to search for each word and find it within the fastest time possible.     There are different types of games available, some harder than others and we are adding more overtime.

  • Word finder: The user must search for a list of words in amongst a matrix of letters, click HERE to try it for yourself.

  • Word select game – One of our simpler games where a user must look for a single word amongst a total of nine words.


Book to read

What is it?   A digital book for the student to read on their own or in a group scenario, teachers can even display the book on their Interactive Whiteboard to read to the class of students.

How to use it?   This book uses the exact same text, read out loud to the student, featured in the earlier Read Along Book.    This empowers the student to attempt to read the book on their own, when they encounter problems trying to read the text they can return to the read along book.   They can listen to a teacher demonstrate how to read the text in the book and solve their own problem, returning back to the book where they can continue reading the text on their own.

Comprehension test

What is it?   An online test to check the student really understands the words they have read in the book.

How to use it?   Once the student has mastered reading the book on their own, we need to ensure they actually understand the words in the book.    We ask them a series of questions as part of a comprehension test, all the questions are designed to test their understanding of the words they read in the book.    Once the student completes the test we inform them if they were correct or wrong for each question.    Teachers are able to create their own comprehension tests and questions in the School Admin Module.


Read out loud

What is it?    We ask the student to read the book out loud, one our teachers listens to the student reading and marks their performance.    Overtime we gradually build up an interactive media library demonstrating how the student has improved overtime, correcting any problems with pronunciation, sounds, grammar, etc as the student progresses.

How to use it?    The student commences the task by clicking on the icon on their course and when ready begin recording, Chatty Kids activates the camera and records the student reading the book out loud and saving their performance for analysis by our teachers.    One of our teachers studies how well the student read the text and produces a progress report that may identify some problems to work on and improve.   This data affects the coursework allocated to the student and adapts the tasks they must work through to ensure they fix any issues identified and continue improving.


What is it?   A series of worksheets for the student to work through by hand using everyday pen & paper.

How to use it?    Simply download file and print the worksheet pages for each student, then use a normal pen or pencil to work through the exercises provided.    Take pictures of the completed worksheets and share with your teacher, put the final results on the wall to encourage the students to keep up the good work.

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