Teach your children to read early and watch them bloom.

Teach your children to read early and watch them bloom.
It is quite amazing to think how quickly a child’s mind develops during the first five years of life.

To watch a tiny helpless baby, turn into a laughing, jumping, talking and thinking little human is one of the precious miracles of life. As parents, is is our duty to ensure that our children are raised in a nurturing environment so that they can explore, discover and begin to understand the world around them. Research shows that this early development period is crucial to building social, emotional and linguistic skills. These are also the years that a child will learn more than any other time in their lives.

“Education Breeds Confidence ”     – Confucius

In general, by the time a child is four, they are completing sentences, they have a sizeable vocabulary, can count to 20 and they are ready to begin a more complex understanding of letters and words. This a perfect age for a child to start learning to read. Children taught to read at an early age benefit from a strong sense of achievement, self-discovery and a greater knowledge base. Learning to read also ignites a child’s creativity and imagination as they are exposed to more words, ideas and concepts.

As parents, we have a responsibility to understand the stages of child development and support our children with their early education. There is some clear evidence that shows children who do not participate in early learning can be at risk of developmental delays which can lead to problems with confidence later in life. We need to ensure that our children have all the tools to help them on the road to a formal education.

Giving children the opportunity to read early will give them the confidence they need when they start Year 1.

Chatty Kids is an online platform dedicated to helping children of all ages to read (English). It is the perfect tool to supplement your child’s early education program and can help busy parents ensure their children’s reading skills are improving every day.  We have developed a series of courses for the early reader that will help parents develop their child’s reading skills in a simple and structured format.

Here are some benefits of Chatty Kids Early Reader course.

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Courses developed by professional educators
  • Child progress can be accessed by a real teacher
  • 10 – 15 minutes a day
  • Measurable results
  • Available on any device
  • Access 1000’s more books, activities and videos from our database

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