Reading Assessements

Reading Assessments.

Have Australia’s leading English tutors measure your child’s reading and speaking ability.

Reading assessments and teacher reviews

Detailed assessments, adaptive courses and great advice.

Benefit from an accurate formative assessment that will direct you and your child to a suitable level and course. The results are detailed, accurate and supplied as video and a printable written report.

Once on a course, regular recordings will help teachers continuously assess the student.

How does it work?

The Chatty Kids Reading level test.  If you’re unsure of a starting point, we will supply the Chatty Kids reading test. A series of words are read to the student; each word will be progressively more challenging. Each new word read presents the student with three choices; they will need to select the correct word. Our system then collates the scores and determines a suitable level for the student.

Read and record.  The student will be given three books to record themselves reading. One that is too easy, one we think is correct and one we think is too difficult.

Marking and Assignment.  Out teacher then uses our marking process to analyse the following:

1. Pronunciation – words said correctly.

2. Fluency – phrases are spoken correctly as groups of words with meaning.

3. Expression – changes level and pitch of their voice to enhance meaning and mood.

4. Pace – Reads at a talking pace. Varies pace where appropriate to enhance meaning.

The teacher will accurately determine a level of difficulty for the student to be on and assign them a course created for their ability.

Every week.  Multiple books to read and watch read-along videos are assigned, the child will also be required record themselves, this will give you a real record of progress and also give our teachers an enough material to assess ability monthly.

On-going.  Based on the student’s progress we can provide more detailed monthly or quarterly assessments that will deliver real solutions to any problems encountered.

The Chatty Kids Educational team is here to help you and help your child. We’re going to make a huge difference in your child’s future.

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One to One tutoring

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