Product Version 2.4.0

Product Version 2.4.0

We’re due to release the latest update to our product next week on 27 February  2017, below we explain what new features & functions you can access.

The new features are:

  • Course Builder
  • Connect Teacher/Student/Parent
  • WeChat integration: Several features have been enabled
    • Register/Login user to Chatty Kids
    • Purchase Chatty Kids product
    • Automated messages

Course Builder: We have improved the course builder used by teachers to create, configure & manage educational courses delivered to students.    We will continue to expand & invest in this feature in future released, we need teachers to use the course builder and tell us what is missing, needs to be improved, etc.


The new course builder is available to teachers in our school module, it allows a teacher to create & modify reading courses assigned to students in their class.      Students login to access the educational content & tasks assigned to them by their teacher and work through them.


Connect Teacher/Student/Parent: When a teacher creates a student user & that student logs in at home; their Parent (mum or dad) can add their own secure user details & contact information.      Through their own account, they access detailed progression reports on their own child learning progress over time.



WeChat integration (Chinese users): Several features have been enabled after integrating to the massively popular Chinese messaging app WeChat:

  • Register/Login user to Chatty Kids: user may scan QR code to register a new account on Chatty Kids or to login to an existing account using their WeChat details
  • Purchase Chatty Kids product: a user may use their WeChat account to purchase a Chatty Kids product (i.e. subscription or 1-off purchase)
  • Automated messages: Chatty Kids product may send messages to specific WeChat users who have registered on the Chatty Kids (i.e. messages delivered as part of a course).



New web pages: there are several pages of new content added to the Chatty Kids website, no new functionality related to these pages



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