How to assign a course to class students

Once you have your class and student accounts created its time to get those children practicing new skills and learning, assign course work to them to complete at home or in the classroom.  Read the instructions below or watch this video.

Manage student course
Select students
Assign course
Enter course details
Manage assigned courses
Select student course to review
Review courses details week 1
Review courses details week 2
Student login details
Student login page
Student view week 1
Student view week 2
  1. Assign a course to your students
    1. Click COURSE
    2. Click ASSIGN COURSE
    3. Choose a class from drop-down menu (only required if you have created more than 1 class)
    4. Select your students (you can select them all with a single click, using the checkbox in the main title section, or you can choose individual students clicking the checkbox in their row)
    5. Click ASSIGN COURSE
      1. Choose 1 of the courses listed (NOTE: you can create your own courses, if required, we can show you how and change things later; for this early stage select one of the default courses to begin with)
      2. Define a start date for your course (NOTE: choose yesterday for this early stage, as you want to review what a student sees when they login during a course)
      3. Click CHOOSE THE COURSE
      4. The system will automatically assign this course to all selected students
  2. Review the course content assigned to a student
    1. Click on COURSE NAME
    2. Review the course details, you can see them on the COURSE BUILDER screen which is displayed.     The screen lists all details of that course and you can click through the assigned content week by week, reviewing the books, videos & workbooks assigned to all students on that course.
    3. NOTE: you can change the details of this course (i.e. change a book, etc), which will ONLY affect the student you are investigating and not all students on that same course – but for this initial review lets leave that till later on.
  3. Review what a student see’s when they login to their account
    1. Visit the MANAGE STUDENT page and choose a student to review
    2. Take note of that students USERNAME and PASSWORD
    3. Visit the student login page
    4. Enter the students username and password
    5. Review the content assigned to the student, does it match the content assigned in the teacher admin section (it will but just to give you peace of mind!)
    6. Change to a different week for the and again compare the content assigned by the teacher
    7. Once your confident that the administration system is assigning the correct content for the student, your good to proceed with your trial
  4. Hand out the student login details
    1. Ensure you have given your students their login details
    2. The students will start to login and make progress through their assigned work
    3. You can check on their progress in the REPORTING section
    4. The SCHOOL ACTIVITY REPORT is a create overview of your class (or school) activity