3 Simple Steps to Determine your Child's Reading Level

3 Simple Steps to Determine your Child's Reading Level

Your child will learn to read better if you choose books at the right level of difficulty for them practice with.

  • Too difficult it will frustrate your child
  • Too easy it will bore your child

To determine your child’s reading level follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Ask your child’s teacher

They can tell you what level your child is reading at, though they may use a different grading strategy so review this simple table to compare.

2) Use the five-finger check 

A simple test anyone can do at home, choose a book you think your child can read from our library of leveled books.     Ask your child to hold up 5 fingers and to read a page or 2 of the book you selected, every time they don’t know a word they put a finger down.

If they put all 5 fingers down then that book is too difficult, choose an easier book and try again.

3) An easy comprehension check

Once your child has read a book, or a few pages, ask them to explain the story and describe what they’ve just read.

If they cannot explain the text they’ve just read then that book is too difficult, choose an easier book and try again.

NOTE: there are plenty of articles published online you can find by searching, here are some examples here and here.

The child can read the book on their own.jpg

These simple steps will give you a rough idea about the book level you should be using with your child to practice reading.   To obtain a more accurate measurement of your child’s reading ability then take a Chatty Kids assessment, simply record your child reading a book out loud and submit it for assessment.   We will send you a report after one of our teachers has assessed your child’s reading ability by reviewing the video of them reading.


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